Screen Sergeant Solution Provided Exclusively Through TechXtend in the United States

Pioneering Technology for the ‘Officer On-The-Go’

Ever-increasing calls for service, manpower restrictions, and minimal training time, makes the job of policing mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. As stress increases, memory decreases making mistakes inevitable.

Screen Sergeant gives you incident-specific verbal instructions at the push of a button, reminding you of critical response related information when you need it most.

Supervisors and Field Training Officers can also conduct on-the-spot performance evaluations. Lessons learned from conducting an AfterAction Review can be collected and shared agency wide.

Reduce stress. Improve performance. Screen Sergeant.

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With incident-specific information at their fingertips, officers worry less about what to do, and focus more on arriving safely.


Repeated use of the app reinforces correct precautions and responses, improving overall officer performance.


Supervisors can conduct on-the-spot performance reviews while the incident is fresh in their memory, making accuracy a priority.

  • SSL Login
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Legal Updates
  • Training Video Archives
  • Case Law Library
  • Scenario-Based Testing
  • Additional Customizable Features


1 Audible Instructions

On their way to a call, the officer selects the response icon that matches the situation. Screen Sergeant then gives step by step verbal instructions on how to handle the call upon their arrival.

2 Performance Audits

Supervisors and Field Training Offices can conduct on-the-go performance evaluations. Lessons learned from conducting After-Action Reviews can be collected and shared agency-wide, providing productive feedback.

3 Policies & Procedures

Department policies and procedures, along with local and state statutes can be accessed at the swipe of a finger, allowing the officer to have appropriate knowledge for any situation.

Introduce this revolutionary app-based solution to aid your officers on-the-go. Gain benefits such as reducing daily stress, improving procedures, simple post-call reviews and so much more, with Screen Sergeant.

Screen Sergeant is available to Law Enforcement only*

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